Acceptable File Types


  • Vector Art (EPS, PDF, AI, CDR)
    Vector art is resolution independent, which means the artwork is scalable without losing any image quality. Whether the size of the art is increased or decreased, the lines will remain sharp and crisp. Best file formats to submit, just make sure your fonts are converted to outlines/curves.
  • Bitmap Images (TIFF, JPG, PS, PSD, PNG)
    Bitmap images are also known as raster images and are made up of pixels. Bitmaps are resolution dependent which makes it difficult to increase the size of the image without sacrificing some of the image quality. Images taken from the Internet are most often low resolution bitmap images and will not work for submission. Flattened transparent .psd or transparent .tif files created at a high resolution would typically be the best type of bitmap file for us to receive.



Submitting Your File

  • If submitting a vector file, please make sure fonts (if you have any) are converted to curves or outlines.
  • If submitting a bitmap file, please make sure the image is 300 dpi or higher. Any dpi lower than 300 dpi may result in poor image quality. (see below)


*Please note- After submitting a file, additional setup fees may apply depending on the quality of your artwork. If you would like us to review your file prior to placing an order, please send it to and we will notify you of possible additional charges